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5 tips to avoid fungal infections

Fungus is often а common infection with unpleasant consequences. People who have fungus have red dry skin between the fingers and uncomfortable itching. People who got fungus for more than six months, already have a chronic fungal infection. It’s really important to treat fungus before it gets chronic. Fungal infection is very resistant to treatment and that’s why it’s better to know how to avoid it.



  1. Fungus always exist on the skin but it gets infected after you cut or scratch the skin. Overcoming such infection is possible with good disinfection. After you’ve harmed your skin, the first thing to do is gauze with rivanol and after that gauze with iodine. After this disinfection you must cover the injured skin with bandage or patch it in order to protect the contamination.


2. Be careful when going to swimming pools. Choose those which you know, that have good hygiene. You can ask in the swim center how they treat the water. That is important for good health, because swimming pools are the most popular places for getting fungal infections. Don’t forget to take a shower before diving in the pool. Good hygiene depends of you!



3. When you work out in a special sports center choose a sport which isn’t required to be played shoeless. If you’re shoeless in a place with other people you risk to get fungus. Sadly you can’t know people health, but you can take preventive measures, because treatment of fungal infections is long and hard.



4. When you’re going to your favorite beauty care salon, to get a new trendy manicure look carefully if they use disinfectant spray and disinfectant solution after each customer who’s got a manicure or pedicure. If you’re not sure don’t worry asking to see how they do it. These places are very pleasant to relax, but it can be dangerous, because the fungal infection spreads rapidly.



5. There is a big risk to get fungus during long antibiotic treatment. You must ask the doctor how to prevent harmful organisms from spreading. One of the important things to do in order to avoid getting fungus is to take care of your immune system. Consumption of immune stimulants can be a solution. Furthermore there are different ways to support the immune system with non-traditional medicine. You’d better talk with your doctor about alternatives.