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Annoyance from snoring – the beginning of diseases

The beginning

Snoring in the beginning is only an uncomfortable feeling for you and your family. The first stage is making an unpleasant sounds, goes on with stressful waking in the nights and achieves chronic tiredness and annoyance. Unfortunately these symptoms of snoring affect our lifestyle and relationship. Sometimes tiredness is turning into aggression. It’s visible for people around us, but often we can’t realize that we have a problem. That’s why more often people who decide to overcome snoring  are doing it, because of their family or friends. But the more important reason to overcome snoring should be protecting your health.

Goes through

People who suffer from snoring know a lot about fatigue and depression but often don’t know the reason why they are going through these conditions. First thing you have to care of is good sleep. Impaired sleep is the main reason for many diseases. And snoring is the most common obstacle for having a good sleep. If you win the fight with snoring, you’re going to have a healthy life. Snoring ruins the sleep of your family too, so if you don’t care about your health, think about your family.


Scientific surveys have proven that chronic snoring increases the risk of brain stroke and heart attack. This is because snoring is a symptom for difficult breathing. When you have breathing anxiety, oxygen can’t achieve the brain which impairs your biorhythm. That is a precondition for a heart attack or brain stroke. Protect your health in the beginning of this process. Look for different ways to deal with snoring when the first symptoms appear and if you’ve realized you have a sleep disorder take immediate measures!

Goes on with risk of diseases

People who suffer from snoring risk to go into the group of sleep apnea. During the sleep the breathing stream stops for about 10 seconds. These pauses deprive the blood from oxygen. Without oxygen your organism is being ruined. About 5 percent of the people suffer from sleep apnea but the worse is if they don’t know the symptoms. This condition might contribute for high blood pressure and diabetes.


Pay attention to your health

Preventive measures are always desired. Turn your attention to your family and yourself. If you find symptoms of difficult breathing or snoring talk about this and try to find a solution. Remember the good condition of your body is on the base of your health.


7 things to avoid during detox

There are different kinds of detox programs which can cleanse your body and take care of your health. All of them have guiding principles to follow for better results. Here you can see what to avoid during detox.

1. Sugar is the biggest enemy of each detox program. It’s really uncomfortable for most people who’re planning to detox their bodies and the main reason is they’re addicted to sugar without realizing it. Some of them try to change sugar with substitutes for sugar, but it’s not a good decision if you want to get toxins out of your body.



2. Alcohol – the most consumed product which harms the liver. This is the second product you must avoid if you’re ready for a healthy life or detox your body. The main problem with alcohol is the extreme amounts of sugar it contains. As already stated, avoiding sugar is key to detox.


3. Fruits also contain sugar, that’s why we should be very careful with them. It’s fine to have two or three fruits per day while detoxing. It’s better to reduce fruit consumption in your daily meals. This tip is essential if you’re on juice detox, because the amount of sugar in a glass of fresh juice is high.


4. Caffeine and black tea. These products cause fatigue, irritability, nervousness and sleep deprivation. These are the most common issues during detox. It’s normal to have them and it means you’re getting toxins out of the body. Avoid caffeine because it amplifies the symptoms.


5. Animal products are part of the daily nutrition, but when we’re talking about detox diet you need to remove them from the meal. During detox the only appropriate foods are vegetarian. That means fresh vegetables, small amount of fruits, different kinds of seeds and nuts.


6. Mushrooms are not good during detoxification, because they create mold into intestines. This can damage the protective barrier of the intestines. That includes all types of mushrooms even raw mushrooms.



7. The last pest here is peanuts. They contains toxins which act badly to the recovering processes of colon. Avoiding peanuts is recommended for a healthy nutrition during detox programs. You can replace them with another rich in omega 3 fatty acids.










How to overcome snoring

Snoring is often times a problem in the family. It impairs the sleep quality and affects our relationship. Nobody likes a person who snores night after night. Just because you can’t have good and healthy sleep that affects on you all day. You have to go to work tired and moody. So it’s normal when you can’t relax during the sleep. Unfortunately most of the people begin to looking for the reason and try to solve the problem after long period of time when they are already exhausted. Look here a few simple ways to cope with snoring.

  • One of the most common reasons for snoring is overweight. The fats are like a bandage which is pressing the respiratory tract. As soon as you balance your weigh, the sooner the problem will fade. Moreover overweight isn’t healthy for the whole organism.
  • You can do some exercise which makes stronger the palate’s muscles. It is thought these exercises helps for decreasing the snoring, but it isn’t scientifically proved.


  • Use appropriate pillow to keep the neck closer to the natural position of the body. Don’t sleep over a high pillow. This impairs free breathing.
  • Alcohol is an obstacle for good sleep. It narrows the respiratory tract which is a reason for snoring to occurs. Decreasing the quantity of alcohol drinks will help you in the fight with snoring.



  • Have a light dinner. In the other case food makes the work of diaphragm complicated, which impairs the breathing. Have a dinner three or four hours before going to bed.
  • If you have nasal or sinus problems that leads to snoring. Good hygiene may help you. Cleaning your nose with saline solution every evening before going to bed can help. Blocked airways make vacuum in the throat which causes snoring.


  • Don’t sleep on your back. It’s proved this position helps snoring to increase. Changing the position is wished.
  • In non-traditional medicine you can find a plenty of herbs which help snoring process stops. Homeopathic liquids contribute for free breathing and consist only natural ingredients.


Unfortunately snoring may occur with aging. This is a natural process which you can’t stop but you can do these tips to decrease the process from developing. The combination of this knowledge can be useful when the snoring is already existing.




How to deal with fungus

Except for an unpleasant feeling, fungus affects our self-esteem. It is visible and everyone is scared of it. After you’ve got it it’s necessary to act fast, because neglecting the issue for long periods of time makes the fungus a chronic infection. The treatment is long and the bigger problem is that a fungal infection would cause more serious illness. Don’t waste your time and try to cope with fungus after the first symptoms arise: red circles around the fingers or itching.


If fungus is in the first stage, using medicine recommended by pharmacists is a good choice. There are different kinds of gels and skin creams which help to overcome the issue. These products will relieve the skin from itching and help you  suppress the area of infection. Timing is key to dealing with the infection.


One of the things you must do to prevent increasing fungus is to keep the area dry. That means to take care of your legs and fingers. You must use absorbing powder – always on dry skin. The fungus increases in wet areas, that’s why you must avoid sweating the limbs. The powder will help you keep them dry during the day.



Also you may try a pair of absorbing socks. They’re usually made by bamboo. It keeps your legs dry, prevents sweating and bad smells. Bamboo socks are very helpful to control the fungal problems, especially in damp or humid days.



Another tip you should know is about your shoes. The time that a pair of shoes need to get dry after you’ve worn it is 24 hours. Wearing the same shoes every day keep the skin wet and fungus alive. It’s better for you to change your shoes more often. You can use powder not only into the limbs, but into your shoes as well.



You can also try to cope up with fungus using non-traditional medicine. You can find recipes for homemade healthy creams which will help you to overcome some of the symptoms. Usually lavender oil is recommended. There are different homeopathic remedies to impact the organism.


If you prefer seeing a doctor to talk about fungal infections it’s recommended. You should be prepared for an inside and out long term treatment programs. Unfortunately these infections are hard and permanent and sometimes even treatment with chemicals doesn’t work. In most cases only the symptoms fade out but the issue remains .



5 tips to avoid fungal infections

Fungus is often а common infection with unpleasant consequences. People who have fungus have red dry skin between the fingers and uncomfortable itching. People who got fungus for more than six months, already have a chronic fungal infection. It’s really important to treat fungus before it gets chronic. Fungal infection is very resistant to treatment and that’s why it’s better to know how to avoid it.



  1. Fungus always exist on the skin but it gets infected after you cut or scratch the skin. Overcoming such infection is possible with good disinfection. After you’ve harmed your skin, the first thing to do is gauze with rivanol and after that gauze with iodine. After this disinfection you must cover the injured skin with bandage or patch it in order to protect the contamination.


2. Be careful when going to swimming pools. Choose those which you know, that have good hygiene. You can ask in the swim center how they treat the water. That is important for good health, because swimming pools are the most popular places for getting fungal infections. Don’t forget to take a shower before diving in the pool. Good hygiene depends of you!



3. When you work out in a special sports center choose a sport which isn’t required to be played shoeless. If you’re shoeless in a place with other people you risk to get fungus. Sadly you can’t know people health, but you can take preventive measures, because treatment of fungal infections is long and hard.



4. When you’re going to your favorite beauty care salon, to get a new trendy manicure look carefully if they use disinfectant spray and disinfectant solution after each customer who’s got a manicure or pedicure. If you’re not sure don’t worry asking to see how they do it. These places are very pleasant to relax, but it can be dangerous, because the fungal infection spreads rapidly.



5. There is a big risk to get fungus during long antibiotic treatment. You must ask the doctor how to prevent harmful organisms from spreading. One of the important things to do in order to avoid getting fungus is to take care of your immune system. Consumption of immune stimulants can be a solution. Furthermore there are different ways to support the immune system with non-traditional medicine. You’d better talk with your doctor about alternatives.


Why Juice Detox


If you’re ready for a body detox, juice detox is a great choice. Juice detox is easier than others kinds of detox programs, because it’s easier to drink rather than to eat something. This kind of detox includes fresh vegetables and fruits as liquids. Consuming the juice is a lot easier than chewing raw foods.

5-7 days detoxing your body is an appropriate period for cleaning your organism out of toxins. 3 or 4 times in a year is preferable for a healthy body balance. After having a detox it’s appropriate to have a break for 3 or 4 months. For beginners try with 2 or 3 days detox. There is the risk of having a negative effect from the detox, so you shouldn’t try to overdo it.

Juice detox is a good way to acquire big quantities of vitamins. The reason is that you can consume more vegetables by drinking. Different kinds of juice detox are similar to each other. These are combinations of vegetable juices, fruit juices or a mix of both. You’re free to make it according to your taste. For better results drink more vegetable juices than fruit based juices.

Adding seeds into the juice is also an option. Seeds are rich in antioxidants. They have no taste in blended juice. Take chia seeds, flax seeds, hemp seeds and pumpkin seeds. All these healthy seeds will help you for powerful life during your detox.




You can separate ingredients how you like it. It’s better to use only vegetables for one dose of juice and only fruits for another. That helps your metabolism.  Use vegetable juice for the main dish and fruit juice for breakfast or dessert. There is no limit for quantity, just drink enough to not feel hungry.

When you’re having juice detox, you can add ingredients richer in antioxidants. Furthermore you can use those of them which are not so tasty, but you won’t feel this in blended juice. For healthy nutrition during the detox choose fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.


Via juice detox you can:

  • Increase the effectiveness of your digestive system.
  • Recover the antioxidant body balance.
  • Improve the condition of organs which take part in natural detoxing.
  • Strengthen the immune system.

Stopping to eat processed food allows our organism to recover. When the body’s resting from heavy food it’s getting toxins out. Another benefit of juice detox is that you’re going to lose weight. For sure when you have a healthy nutrition you’ll get away needless fats from your body.






Detox types

Cleansing your organism is well known since ancient times as detox. It can be achieved by a given diet or not. This is a healing process which is associated directly with the brain, the digestive system and any other functioning system in the body. The result of cleansing your organism are: better health, reduced weight and more energy.

There are different types of detox – with water, raw materials or juices. You should choose the one with which you consider yourself the safest.


  • Water mode – during the water regime, water is the only substance consumed. This mode is not suitable for everyone. It is done briefly because the body relies solely on the mineral composition of the water to get the necessary substances. If you extend the regimen, the body will begin to get the necessary vitamins from the muscles and organs, which will weaken them and cause health problems. The water regime of detox is suitable for people who suffer from gastritis or ulcer because they don’t consume any solid food that would irritate the stomach. Recommended water treatment period is 2-3 days. It can be done for longer only under medical supervision.

  • Raw detox mode is tied to eating only raw foods. Foods which have not undergone heat treatment of more than 45 degrees are considered to be such. The choice of raw products is great and you certainly will not stay hungry. The regime is suitable for all lovers of fruits, vegetables and nuts. You can have a variety of meals, but there are things you should definitely be careful about when we talk about purifying the body with raw materials.


  • Juice mode involves taking freshly squeezed juices for a certain amount of time. Through the juices we can get the necessary vitamins and minerals. A juice purification regime is recommended, which involves the consumption of different fruit and vegetable juices. Otherwise, in the variant of juice detox there are divisions of the regime such as: only fruit juices; only vegetable juices; distribution according to the time of taking – be it daily based or time of the day, separation on different days, and mixed fruit and vegetable juices.

Toxins are all around us, so purifying the body is desirable for good health and long life. The body is saturated with toxins even from the air we breathe. Some of them are so small that the body’s barrier barriers can not handle them. Purifying the body several times a year helps maintain good health and tone, so be sure to take care of yourself!


Connection between water and detox

Cleansing the organism is key to keep the healthy balance. Detox doesn’t mean deprivation but an opportunity for the body to improve its processes by “throwing the garbage” known as toxins. Riding your body of junk food gives a break to the body and refills it with energy the same way as rest after the working day.

Water is the most important element in the human organism. Water has a part in all functions of the organism. Water cleansing is well known, here you’ll see what you need to know about it. How many types of water do you know and which is your type.


  • Tap water is the one which we use daily. In order to reach us it springs from dams, rivers and lakes. Going through cleaning stations for it to be consumable. The quality of the water is controlled in order to reach given health criteria. Which means that in it’s normal state there are harmful microbes, that are being controlled so that we aren’t harmed. The biggest contaminants to drinking water are lead and nitrates. Lead because the water streams through pipes and nitrates because of agricultural regions of the soil. It’s recommended to avoid tap water or at least to purify it.

  • Spring water comes from aboveground and underground springs and it reaches to the consumer bottled. To be bottled, it is disinfected and not treated with additional chemicals. Spring water is extremely suitable for daily use and as a choice of detox water because of its low mineralization. An additional bonus is the low sodium content, which is important not to keep water during the detox.


  • Mineral water. Basically any water is mineral based because it contains a wide range of minerals. Waters that are bottled and are called mineral water have different concentration of minerals. Mineral water is like spring water, the only difference is the quantity of minerals.




  • Filtered water. The goal in filtering water is to remove given substances. Those are chemicals, bacteria, metals, even minerals. There are different ways to filter water which removes the bad taste and its odor which is caused by contaminants. Some of the filters are aimed to be used at home and are good enough so that the contamination is minimal and the water is drinkable.


  • Distilled water. Water distillation is a process that removes the content of chemicals and harmful organisms but also minerals from the water. But there are chemicals that remain because their boiling point is higher than that of water. Therefore, additional filtration is required. Distilled water is not suitable for daily use or for cleansing regime because of the absence of any minerals.


If you’ve chosen to detox with water it’s good different waters to be combined, which have high PH value and to alternate. Such water are spring and mineral. Do not forget that detox with water is recommended for no more than 2-3 days without a doctor’s attention.


Five tips for Raw detox

Italiano : Toxins around us harm our health . The symptoms you need to keep in mind and prevent are: nervousness, chronic fatigue, dizziness, depression, sleeping disorder, even stomach pain and headache. There’re different ways to deal with toxins. Raw detox is a good way to turn back your body balance.  Here are five must know tips, if you want to detox yourself with raw foods.


What is necessary to know for this kind of detox?

  1. Raw detox is achieved with food which isn’t cooked. There is a rich choice of vegetables, fruits and nuts. Raw foods contain vitamins and mineral salts which are necessary for the health. Furthermore they have little quantity of calories. This makes it preferable to people who want to lose weight. Boiling and baking causes the food to lose it’s quality, because these processes reduce the concentration of healthy ingredients in vitamins and enzymes.




2. Most fruits and vegetables contain pesticides, insecticides and chemical fertilizers. Which result in piling up of toxins into the body. That’s why it’s preferable to take bio products. They are surely better for your health. Bio foods have a high concentration of antioxidants which are the main reason for longer life. Another aspect is the improvement of the metabolism. If you have the choice of buying bio foods – go for it!



3. If you’re used to buying foods which aren’t bio – it’s a wise decision to leave the products in cold water with a spoon of vinegar for 30 minutes. This technique reduces the quantity of harmful toxins in your food.  The vinegar is going to negate the pesticides. Only water isn’t enough, because most pesticides are resistant to water.



4. It’s important how you keep the products fresh. After you’ve cleaned the products, you need to dry them before putting them into the fridge else the products will rot very fast. Separate different types of product with no contact.




5. For a healthy detox use fresh products. After 3  or more days fruits and vegetables get spoiled. Just buy little quantities of food to keep it fresh.

Raw detox is easily achieved, but don’t forget the rules. If you like full dishes raw detox is appropriate for you. But remember if you don’t take into account the food quality, you’re not going to have the desired results. Don’t forget that toxins can come from the food. Go shopping with attention and love for fresh food.




Tricks to keep the lost weight!

Are you the lucky one who have managed to fight the extra pounds? You proved to yourself that you can lose weight and look good. You adore yourself and the desire to keep it up is big. Now you have a target : to hold down the lost kilos that fit perfectly to your new appearance. Use a few selected tricks for your new mission.

  • Exhausted from working out in the gym, you have no time for sports or you’re just sick of practicing. You’ve put in effort while you lose weight and want to rest. Jump rope five minutes a day. Jump rope fights the fat in the whole body. You get a workout for all the muscles. It is best to do it in the morning because it awakens the body and stimulates the tone. Five minutes are enough to keep your body in good shape and feel the effect instantly. A great option for weight maintenance.



  • It is considered that after ending the dietary regimen you are bound to eat. It’s true from a psychological point of view because we think of what we have been deprived of and that by stopping the diet we can afford it. The human psyche does not like deprivation and what feeds the body is what the psyche has mislead it to. That is why we need to satisfy our psyche when we reach out for the harmful foods we desire. This will inevitably occur, but we must control these outbursts.

  • You need to know that whenever you break a rule you have to compensate yourself with another. To learn to think that when you have eaten chocolate or your colleague has served a birthday treat – you have to compensate for these actions with other actions the same day. The food we eat can be compensated for by the movements we have done. Whether we choose to go for a walk or cross, the decision is in our hands.



  • Do not forget  to keep the “pound tricks” to your disposal, because this is the easiest way to avoid getting back to your past undesired shape. On the days when you’ve eaten a lot and you’re tired to make a move, just think about how you want to look  after a year. If you don’t teach your psyche to undermine your desire, you will catch up on the lost pounds before you feel it. For this, train the psyche to overcome the desire for another portion, sweets or to miss practice.