7 things to avoid during detox


7 things to avoid during detox

There are different kinds of detox programs which can cleanse your body and take care of your health. All of them have guiding principles to follow for better results. Here you can see what to avoid during detox.

1. Sugar is the biggest enemy of each detox program. It’s really uncomfortable for most people who’re planning to detox their bodies and the main reason is they’re addicted to sugar without realizing it. Some of them try to change sugar with substitutes for sugar, but it’s not a good decision if you want to get toxins out of your body.



2. Alcohol – the most consumed product which harms the liver. This is the second product you must avoid if you’re ready for a healthy life or detox your body. The main problem with alcohol is the extreme amounts of sugar it contains. As already stated, avoiding sugar is key to detox.


3. Fruits also contain sugar, that’s why we should be very careful with them. It’s fine to have two or three fruits per day while detoxing. It’s better to reduce fruit consumption in your daily meals. This tip is essential if you’re on juice detox, because the amount of sugar in a glass of fresh juice is high.


4. Caffeine and black tea. These products cause fatigue, irritability, nervousness and sleep deprivation. These are the most common issues during detox. It’s normal to have them and it means you’re getting toxins out of the body. Avoid caffeine because it amplifies the symptoms.


5. Animal products are part of the daily nutrition, but when we’re talking about detox diet you need to remove them from the meal. During detox the only appropriate foods are vegetarian. That means fresh vegetables, small amount of fruits, different kinds of seeds and nuts.


6. Mushrooms are not good during detoxification, because they create mold into intestines. This can damage the protective barrier of the intestines. That includes all types of mushrooms even raw mushrooms.



7. The last pest here is peanuts. They contains toxins which act badly to the recovering processes of colon. Avoiding peanuts is recommended for a healthy nutrition during detox programs. You can replace them with another rich in omega 3 fatty acids.









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