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Five tips for Raw detox

Italiano : Toxins around us harm our health . The symptoms you need to keep in mind and prevent are: nervousness, chronic fatigue, dizziness, depression, sleeping disorder, even stomach pain and headache. There’re different ways to deal with toxins. Raw detox is a good way to turn back your body balance.  Here are five must know tips, if you want to detox yourself with raw foods.


What is necessary to know for this kind of detox?

  1. Raw detox is achieved with food which isn’t cooked. There is a rich choice of vegetables, fruits and nuts. Raw foods contain vitamins and mineral salts which are necessary for the health. Furthermore they have little quantity of calories. This makes it preferable to people who want to lose weight. Boiling and baking causes the food to lose it’s quality, because these processes reduce the concentration of healthy ingredients in vitamins and enzymes.




2. Most fruits and vegetables contain pesticides, insecticides and chemical fertilizers. Which result in piling up of toxins into the body. That’s why it’s preferable to take bio products. They are surely better for your health. Bio foods have a high concentration of antioxidants which are the main reason for longer life. Another aspect is the improvement of the metabolism. If you have the choice of buying bio foods – go for it!



3. If you’re used to buying foods which aren’t bio – it’s a wise decision to leave the products in cold water with a spoon of vinegar for 30 minutes. This technique reduces the quantity of harmful toxins in your food.  The vinegar is going to negate the pesticides. Only water isn’t enough, because most pesticides are resistant to water.



4. It’s important how you keep the products fresh. After you’ve cleaned the products, you need to dry them before putting them into the fridge else the products will rot very fast. Separate different types of product with no contact.




5. For a healthy detox use fresh products. After 3  or more days fruits and vegetables get spoiled. Just buy little quantities of food to keep it fresh.

Raw detox is easily achieved, but don’t forget the rules. If you like full dishes raw detox is appropriate for you. But remember if you don’t take into account the food quality, you’re not going to have the desired results. Don’t forget that toxins can come from the food. Go shopping with attention and love for fresh food.